Our next monthly chapter meeting: Dec 30

Our guest speaker for December will be Demetra Presley, Founder and Executive Director of Go With The Flow. Go With The Flow is a non-profit organization that provides menstrual hygiene products to students in Tucson, Phoenix, and neighboring metropolitan...

Meeting with Kazakhstan Delegation for Global Ties

They had questions about quotas, what kind of actions worked best to change the law, the bathroom issue with transgender people, and the hierarchy of laws regarding how marijuana was treated since it is illegal at the federal level but legal in many states, and the six NOW issues. We also talked about the impact of religion on our Arizona politics, local control by our cities, and the prominence of lawyers in every human rights fight.

Hell hath no fury like 175 million women scorned!

Every gain we’ve made in the past 50 years is at stake.
That’s why we need every one of you to step up – to change the dynamics and direction of this state and this country for the preservation of all our rights – voting, education, safety net, equality, fairness – our very democracy itself…

CVS responds

In an open letter written by Dianne Post, of this NOW chapter, she challenges the CVS corporation with regard to the treatment of a transperson named Ms. Hill. CVS has sent this letter in response. "Thank you for your letter regarding the incident that...