How to Write Letters to State Senators and Representatives

Step 1: Find Your State Legislators

If you’re not sure who your legislators are you can easily obtain that information, check who your state legislators are here.

Step 2: Address Your Envelope

For anyone who needs a little refresher on how to address a letter, here is what it should look like:

[Senator’s Name]

State Senator

1700 W Washington Street – Senate

Phoenix, AZ 85007  

[Representative’s Name]

State Representative

1700 W Washington Street – House

Phoenix, AZ 85007


Step 3: Write Your Letters

These letters are specifically to introduce yourself, welcome your legislator’s to the new legislative session, and tell them what you want to see changed.

Feel free to use the templates below and personalize your letters as much as you want! The most effective way to make an impact on your legislator is to HANDWRITE these letters. I know this takes a little bit more time, but handwritten letters are the best way to let your legislators know that you are paying attention and holding them accountable. When you are done, you should have three handwritten letters in total: one letter for your state senator and two letters for your two state representatives.

*If you are a registered voter in Arizona, let them know that! These people are elected by voters and want to keep us happy. However, if you are not old enough to vote yet, that is okay! They will no doubt be impressed by your early interest in local government.



Dear Senator [Last Name],

My name is [Your Name], and I am a community member who resides in your district. I want to introduce myself, I have lived in Arizona my whole life / for X years. Because I have long-standing ties to this community, I want to see it change for the better. One way I am seeking to promote positive change in my community is by reaching out to you. I wanted to tell you what issues are important to me. Here is a short list:

  • Ending gun violence
  • Ending sexual violence and sexual harassment
  • Ending police brutality
  • Increasing funding for Arizona public schools (in the long-term, not just the short-term!)
  • Adding the ERA to Arizona’s state constitution
  • Protecting reproductive rights
  • Protecting LGBTQ+ rights
  • Fighting climate change

I am asking you as a state legislator to please keep your constituents’ interests in mind as you decide how to vote for this session. I look forward to contacting you again soon! 

[Print Your Full Name]
[Your Street Address]
[City], AZ [Zip Code]

Step 4: Send Your Letters

You’re almost done! Just put your nice handwritten letter in your addressed envelope and seal it. Don’t forget a stamp! Then drop your letters in your mailbox and give yourself a pat on the back. You just participated in local democracy. Doesn’t that feel great?