Join Ms. magazineFeminist Majority FoundationGirls Learn International and The Civics Center for a special, virtual screening of Capturing the Flag, a documentary that shares the story of three activists who worked to combat voter suppression in Cumberland County, N.C. in 2016. 

The screening will be followed by a live town hall with Michele Goodwin, host of our new On the Issues podcast; Myrna Pérez, director of the Brennan Center’s Voting Rights and Elections Program; and Laverne Berry, a producer and activist featured in the film. You’ll have the chance to hear more about their voting rights work, ask questions and learn how to get involved in voter protection work in 2020 and beyond. 

Capturing The Flag is an urgent cautionary tale that documents what’s in store for the fast-approaching election of 2020, and a close-up look of American democracy at its most vulnerable point. Through the intimate experiences of the film’s citizen volunteers — and the hundreds of voters they try to assist — the human dimension of democracy comes into focus. Their journeys as citizens of conscience uncover stories about the strength and fragility of American democracy that are rarely heard. The shocking voter suppression we see unfold in real-time in Capturing The Flag is proliferating across the country, as those who control local elections have been emboldened to rewrite access to the ballot box along partisan lines. The film serves as both a warning and a call to action for anyone interested in protecting the “One Person, One Vote” fundamental of our democracy.

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