Dianne Post reported back from the NOW National conference held in Minnesota this past weekend. The theme was Feminist Agenda Rising: Our Time is NOW. Resolutions and by laws were discussed and Dianne paneled on a workshop Pushing Forward: Advancing the ERA in 2019 and Beyond.

The panelists included Senator Pat Spearman from Nevada, Jeri Burton President of Nevada NOW and head of NOW ERA group, Dianne Post, from Arizona on ERA Task Force AZ Steering Committee and Central Phoenix • Inez Casiano NOW, Delegate Hala Ayala from Virginia, and Ellie Smeal from Feminist Majority. The national focus is on Virginia for their election in 2019 to ensure that they replace those delegates who opposed the ERA and thus pass it in early 2020. All energy and work is being directed there. After the election there on November 5, the focus will pivot to Arizona.