Source: Joint Legislative Budget Committee Staff, Appropriations Report FY 2019

During our April meeting Eddie Sissons educated us on the state budget process.

Creating each year’s budget is a complex process, with State Agencies, the Governor’s office, and Policy advisors being primary players. Also involved are key people in the Legislature, such as the Budget Committee, the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate. The budget process begins with last year’s budget, which is then modified by revenues, changes in population, lawsuits, priorities and public demand, to cite a few examples. During the recession, AZ rolled over its debt, cut programs, and tried to balance the budget with less. Today, although times are better, AZ’s budget is 1.4 billion short.  AZ still has this deficit even though few families in poverty are getting assistance, and many programs, such as the jobs program and the full-day kindergarten program, have never been restored.