Our guest speaker for December will be Demetra Presley, Founder and Executive Director of Go With The Flow.

Go With The Flow is a non-profit organization that provides menstrual hygiene products to students in Tucson, Phoenix, and neighboring metropolitan areas via free “period packs” which are small bags that contain tampons, sanitary napkins, and panty liners. Since Go With The Flow’s first distribution of period packs in January of this year, they have provided over 6,000 period packs to over 10 school districts. When students in these districts are in need, they are able to approach school staff, whether that is a nurse, community liaison, resource center coordinator, etc, to discreetly obtain a supply of hygiene products. On a monthly basis schools, as needed, are able to contact Go With The Flow to replenish their period packs, helping to ensure a continuous supply of menstrual hygiene products for their students at no cost to the school. We believe making a resource like period packs available is important because no student should have their education disrupted by the anxiety or discomfort that can arise from not having access to necessary menstrual items. We also believe that for lower income or homeless students especially, menstrual hygiene products can be an extra financial burden if they or their families are not able to afford their costs; this can result in lower productivity in the classroom or worse, missing school altogether. It is Go With The Flow’s mission that no student should have to miss school or compromise their dignity because their bodies are engaging in a normal, healthy function such as menstruation!

Feel free to bring donations of tampons and pads to help support this organization.

Sunday, Dec 30, 10 am – noon

Hazel & Violet, 1301 Grand Avenue Phoenix, AZ
You can bring a covered drink as there are original artworks to be careful of. A new tea shop is right near the gallery.