Photo by Jonathan Perez on Unsplash

The Central Phoenix/Inez Casino Chapter has been taking a strong stand on issues to support women’s equality as well as equality for all social groups!

Here are some of our latest actions below for you to read. Thank you to Dianne Post for working on the letters and sending them out on behalf of the chapter.

If you would like to donate to keep our work going strong please send your check to Central Phoenix Inez Casiano NOW at the following address:

Central Phoenix • Inez Casiano NOW Chapter #0140
PO Box 32336
Phoenix, AZ 85064

Peoria pharmacy refuses to fill a prescription

Allegedly your store policy requires that the pharmacist turn the prescription over to another person in that store who will follow the doctor’s orders and give appropriate customer service.”

Confederate flags, statues, and monuments

“Therefore, we ask that you remove the confederate flags, statutes, monuments and road names that glorify oppressive and racist historical leaders from all public spaces.”

Ms. Hill, a transperson refused service at CVS pharmacy

“Not only did the pharmacist refuse to fill the prescription, but he engaged in verbal harassment violating privacy laws (HIPPA) and refused to return the prescription so the customer could get it filled elsewhere.”

Fake Pregnancy Centers

“The clinics rely on deception, misleading advertising techniques, evasive answers on the phone, confusing names and locations, intimidation, anti-choice rhetoric, and misinformation.”

Sexism in Women’s Health Care

“Because the doctors lack education, women often have to suffer for months and years to get a useful diagnosis because of stereotypes and misinformation.”